The SAMEA membership is through annual subscriptions and is open to any individuals, students, and institutions committed to furthering their interests in the field of monitoring and evaluation. Strengthen your ties to the SAMEA community and enhance your networking and professional development opportunities by becoming a member today!
Membership Benefits

Build your Network Capitol

Access live, virtual discussions, debates and presentations

Promote your services, share your experiences and seek advice

Access reserved resources, job opportunity postings, and discussion groups

Save costs on event participation

Annual Membership Fees
Specific Benefits
Annual Fee (as is)
R10 000
Members per registration
Discounted rates to all fee based SAMEA events
Discounted rates for marketing and exhibition space for all SAMEA events
Direct electronic communication via the SAMEA newsletter
Reserved space for notices in the SAMEA newsletter
Qualify for scholarships/bursaries to events for Emerging Evaluators based on criteria
Opportunity to publicly list as a member on the SAMEA website
Access to reserved resources on the SAMEA website
Formal recognition and acknowledgement of your organisation on the SAMEA website
Opportunity to advertise services on the SAMEA website
Right to participate in the affairs and decision-making process of the association
such as Annual General Meetings and the election of board members
Automatic membership of the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) with all
associated membership benefits for all individuals falling under the institutional membership
Requirements to join a SAMEA membership type

- There are no requirements to join an individual or institutional membership but all active SAMEA members must agree to observe the Code of Professional Values and Conduct of the Association as part of the membership registration process (Embed link to the Membership Policy where this is stated)

- Students must submit a copy of their current course schedule to qualify for the discounted membership fee.

How to become an Institutional Member

  • A member from the organisation will request a quotation from SAMEA ([email protected])
  • SAMEA will send the institution a quotation and a registration document which the members will fill in. (All members who will be part of the institutional membership plan will have to register as SAMEA members to get a membership number which is to be used in the registration document).
  • Once the form has been completed, the organisation will share the registration document with SAMEA ([email protected]) along with a purchase order or proof of payment.
  • An invoice will thereafter be sent to the organisation by SAMEA and the membership will be activated.
  • View the SAMEA Membership Policy
  • View the institutional members
    Group registration discounts

    - Whenever groups of five (5) or more individual or student members are registered together at the same time, the total membership fees will qualify for a discount of 10%.

    - Students must submit a copy of their current course schedule to qualify for the discounted membership fee.