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Dear SAMEA Community

Compliments for an abundant and productive 2024.

The SAMEA board is looking forward to a busy but satisfying 2024. 2024 is our 9th Biennial Conference year which will take place from 7-11 October in-person in Gauteng, where we will build on the ideas and discussions that emerged from the regional round-robin event we held last September. The theme for this year’s conference is VUCA-VUKA! Catalysing change through monitoring and evaluation. VUCA is an

acronym for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous and speaks to the high levels of uncertainties and volatilities in the world around us that call for us to respond. We choose to respond to this VUCA world by waking up (siyavuka) and taking positive and collective action. Further, we choose to be adaptive, collaborative and innovative in our practice to promote our vision of M&E contributing to equitable and sustainable

development in South Africa and beyond. Keep your eye out for more details about abstract submissions, pre-conference workshops, and special events. Whatever else you do, please save the date!

The SAMEA board spent two days in the past week setting our plans for the conference and other key priorities that we’d like to achieve. The strategic thematic areas that were identified in 2023 remain the same, and these thematic areas will guide the conference strands. In the pages ahead, you will hear of some of the keen

ideas we have for the year, and how SAMEA members and friends can get involved to promote the vision and mission of your VOPE.

In 2024, you will be seeing a change to the SAMEA website, including how we communicate upcoming events and new developments. We aim for our website to be regarded by the SAMEA community as a valuable resource and a platform for networking. We also plan to maintain active learning communities in M&E for Just

Transition, Tech-Enabled MERL, Investing in Impact, M&E for Local Government and the Emerging Evaluators Topical Interest Group. We welcome SAMEA members and friends to engage with the SAMEA community through these various learning communities, and by contributing blog posts and discussions on our website,

LinkedIn, Facebook and X.

As a member-based organisation, SAMEA’s purpose is to support and build the M&E space and provide SAMEA members and friends with a community to learn and expand the field together. We look forward to your continued support and engagement, and wish you, our members and partners a prosperous year ahead.

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Save the date for the SAMEA 9th Biennial Conference

Date: 7-11 October 2024

Place: Gauteng

Theme: VUCA-VUKA! Catalysing change through monitoring and evaluation

Keep an eye out for upcoming details, including information on collaboration opportunities, speakers, abstract submissions, registration details, and more as the event date approaches. We eagerly anticipate your presence at this year's

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We are thrilled to introduce you to Vongai Chibvongodze, a powerhouse in Cohort 2 of Emerging Evaluators! Currently hosted by Data Innovators and SAMEA, Vongai holds an Honours in Economic Science from the University of Witwatersrand. Her passion lies in data management and processing for impactful research.

In her journey with the Emerging Evaluator (EE) Programme, Vongai aspires to become an all-rounded researcher. Her vision includes mastering the art of project and client management in the next 5 years . With a keen eye on the future, she's set to contribute significantly to the realms of evaluation and development.

Join us in celebrating Vongai's ambition and dedication to crafting a dynamic career that transcends boundaries! 

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We're thrilled to welcome Andiswa Neku who is based at CLEAR-AA and comes with a robust educational background encompassing a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Witwatersrand, Andiswa brings a unique blend of analytical skills and legal acumen to the table.

She's passionate about applying evaluation principles to real-world projects and is keen on developing expertise in specific evaluation methodologies such as program evaluation or policy evaluation.

She joined the EE Programme to explore opportunities to practice evaluation skills and in the near future is looking forward to advancing to a mid-level position within the field with increased responsibilities and leading evaluation teams.

Andiswa is excited about the journey ahead. She expects to grow, change, and gain a deeper knowledge and expertise that would allow her to become more proficient in conducting evaluations across various sectors.

Join us in welcoming Andiswa to the EE Programme!

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We are excited to introduce you to Ruvimbo Gombakomba, one of our Cohort 2 Emerging Evaluators who is passionate about big data and evaluation. Ruvimbo is currently hosted by Data Innovators, a data science and analytics company based in Johannesburg .

During her 12-month work immersion she will be learning from and contributing to various evaluation activities such as, data collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting. She will also be mentored by an experienced and qualified evaluator, who will provide her with feedback and support

Ruvimbo is eager to develop her skills and competencies, and to make a positive impact on the evaluation field in Africa. Join us in welcoming and celebrating Ruvimbo

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Introducing Storm Van Boom, a valued member of our Emerging Evaluators Programme!

With a deep-rooted passion for understanding the interplay of social and psychological phenomena through evaluation, Storm is currently stationed at the National Association of Social Change Entities in Education (NASCEE).

Holding a BA Honours degree in Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand and nearing the completion of her Master's in Social and Psychology Research, Storm brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Storm's decision to join the EE Programme stems from her desire to delve into the intricacies of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). She aims to leverage this knowledge to enhance the impact of social change initiatives, including hands-on experience in crafting and implementing effective theory of change models.

Beyond her individual journey, Storm is keen on networking with fellow EEs and mentors. Her intention is to contribute insights and best practices to the M&E community.

We are delighted to welcome Storm to our EE Programme and eagerly anticipate supporting her professional development. Please join us in extending a warm welcome and wishing her success on this learning journey!

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We are thrilled to spotlight Dineo Madiba, an Emerging Evaluator based at JET Education Services. Dineo is a dynamic early-career professional with a robust background - a degree in Public Health from Monash University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Public and Development Sector Monitoring and Evaluation, and recently earned Masters specializing in Governance and Management from Wits University.

Dineo's passion lies at the intersection of healthcare and education, where she channels her energy into leveraging partnerships, research, and monitoring and evaluation strategies to design and implement sustainable and impactful projects.

Recognizing a professional need for comprehensive exposure to diverse monitoring and evaluation strategies, Dineo has embarked on the Emerging Evaluator (EE) Programme. She aims to refine her skills and gain hands-on experience in the development and application of critical monitoring and evaluation techniques - pivotal for a successful career in the social and development field.

Join us in welcoming Dineo to the EE Programme! Her commitment to creating positive change, coupled with her multidisciplinary expertise, is sure to make waves in the realm of social impact. Let's support Dineo on her journey to mastering the art of monitoring and evaluation for sustainable development.

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We're delighted to welcome Natefo Mothupi, an up-and-coming evaluator with a bright future ahead, to the Emerging Evaluators Programme!

Currently based at Southern Hemisphere and completing her Master of Philosophy degree in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Methodologies under CREST at Stellenbosch University, Natefo brings a unique blend of academic rigor and practical experience to the table.

Her passion for M&E lies at the intersection of health, human rights, and social development, with a strong focus on advocating for the rights of women and children. This commitment is evident in her decision to join the Emerging Evaluator Programme, where she aspires to deepen her understanding of using M&E strategically to accelerate social progress in South Africa.

Natefo's goals include gaining insights into the implementation of M&E at national and international levels, particularly in empowering African countries to lead their own development. Her vision is ambitious and inspiring - a future where M&E become not just a technical tool but a powerful driver of positive change across Africa.

We are thrilled to welcome Natefo to the Emerging Evaluators Programme, and confident that her passion, dedication, and vision will be invaluable contributions. Let's extend a warm welcome to Natefo and embark on this exciting journey of learning, growth, and impact together!

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We are excited to welcome Lisebo Tséhlana to the Emerging Evaluators Programme!

Lisebo is an Emerging Evaluator based at EduConservation and brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the programme. With a background in Economics (National University of Lesotho) and a certificate in Results-Based Project Management (University of Witwatersrand), she is currently awaiting her post-graduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation methods from Stellenbosch University, and already has an offer for their Master of Philosophy.

Lisebo is deeply committed to quality assurance, ensuring data's credibility, and effectively communicating findings to stakeholders for impactful programme implementation. That's why she joined the EE Programme - she sees it as a springboard to broaden her expertise in M&E, particularly in integrating it seamlessly with project management cycles.

We're thrilled to have Lisebo on board and please join us in welcoming her to the community!

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We thrilled to introduce Nelisiwe Maseko, an Emerging Evaluator with a passion for making a positive impact through research in evaluation.

Nelisiwe is currently based at Capacitate, where she brings her experience and determination to support programmes and initiatives achieve their intended outcomes and contribute to the betterment of communities. She joined the Emerging Evaluator (EE) Programme to further align her experiences with her dedication to development through robust research.

Driven by a passionate commitment, Nelisiwe is eager to gain exposure and hands-on experience collaborating with private companies and NGOs. Her goal is to enhance her evaluation skills while contributing to initiatives that create meaningful change.

Join us in welcoming Nelisiwe Maseko to the EE Programme! Her enthusiasm, coupled with her educational background and commitment to positive outcomes, promises an exciting journey ahead.