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Introduction to Facilitating & Producing Participatory Virtual Events

This short course brought to you by Southern Hemisphere, will cover four stages of any facilitation process and the key considerations for the virtual facilitator and producer along the arc of facilitation.

UCT Masters in Programme Evaluation

Interested in doing a Masters in Programme Evaluation at the University of Cape Town starting 2021? Join our first ever Online Information Session on 21st October at 2pm. Read on to find out more.

Southern Hemisphere: Introduction to producing virtual events

Southern Hemisphere is offering an introductory course where we focus on the role of a producer in delivering great virtual events. We consider some of the producing tasks, focusing on Zoom but considering more general implications for producing on other platforms. Whether you are already performing the role, or a novice, this taster will enable you understand the role of the producer, improve your confidence to play this role and minimize disruptions in virtual facilitation processes.

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 1 Oct Evaluation Hackathon

Share the outputs of the Hackathon

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 28-30 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Finalise the indicators and tools, and prepare for publication

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 24-25 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Review indicators and tools developed by teams

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 23 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Feedback on indicators and tools

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 17-23 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Hackathon Indicator and tool development

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 16 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Team Meet: Hack Teams Research feedback