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SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 1 Oct Evaluation Hackathon

Share the outputs of the Hackathon

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 28-30 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Finalise the indicators and tools, and prepare for publication

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 24-25 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Review indicators and tools developed by teams

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 23 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Feedback on indicators and tools

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 17-23 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Hackathon Indicator and tool development

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 16 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Team Meet: Hack Teams Research feedback

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 9 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Team Meet: Hack Teams kick-off!

SAMEA EduCOVID TIG: 2 Sept Evaluation Hackathon

Special Meet: Team Leader briefing & Peer reviewer briefing on the process, expected outcomes, and tools to use for the Evaluation Hackathon. 

Southern Hemisphere: Learning Culture for Remote Organizations

Learning Culture for Remote Organizations: (16 September 2020) What are the principles and practices of a learning organization? This webinar will share how an organization can maintain a learning culture through online platforms while working remotely. Presented by Dena Lomofsky