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Systemic testing programme in WC

July 2022: Webinar hosted by SAMEA and SAMEA KZN MEL network: Systemic testing programme in the Western Cape.

Applying Deliverology in the WC Provincial Government

May 2022: Webinar hosted by SAMEA and SAMEA KZN MEL network: Applying Deliverology to enhance the performance of 'Game Changer' initiatives in the Western Cape Provincial Government.

Supporting the development and inclusion of EEs

June 2022: If you missed our #gLOCAL2022 webinar on Supporting the Development and Inclusion of EEs, well, we have made it available here. Thank you to everyone who participated in this very successful event. @UNICEF @CLEAR-AA @WFP

Exploring the impact of the global pandemic on evaluation designs

Co-founder and senior evaluator, M&ESURE Research and Evaluation, Ms. Liezel de Waal explored how the global pandemic has affected evaluation designs and the work of evaluators.

Technological Innovation in a Changing World: Rethinking Evaluation in Africa

This webinar will address how technology is shaping data and information mapping today, more so since COVID-19’s arrival.

Rapid assessment on the impact of COVID-19 on Grade 12 learners receiving social protection intervention

This webinar will explore the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures on Grade 12 learners receiving social protection in South Africa.

Evaluating in the Times of COVID-19

SAMEA, in partnership with UNICEF, hosted its virtual 2020 Capacity Building Workshops. This particular collaboration which commenced in October, continued in December. This follow-up event aimed to further build and strengthen M&E capacity in the country.

Sharing Survey Results: In Conversation with Emerging Evaluators

This SAMEA and DPME webinar had a conversation on the current state and future plans for Emerging Evaluators in South Africa. and was joined by Khulisa Management Services, JET Education Service and Department of Human Settlements.

A Debate on the Role of Power and Rank in the M&E Field

Evaluation can be a tool for social transformation. At the same time evaluation can be an instrument that maintains status quo, measuring effects of programmes but rarely asking questions about appropriateness of interventions or questioning power relations in society that reproduce poverty and inequality. Join SAMEA Board Member, Mokgophana Ramasobana as he moderates a debate on this important topic. Concept note attached.

Rapid Evaluation Data Analysis & Visualization Using Advanced Excel (Pivot Tables)

This webinar will provide a brief understanding of pragmatic step-by-step process for conducting rapid data analysis including univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis and visualization using Pivot tables/graphs. While the webinar is centered on the above, it will also impart insights on the types of evaluation data, importance of data collection, key performance indicators and data quality control and assurance.