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M&E Resources and presentations at Bridge CoP

The BRIDGE Knowledge Hub is a repository for the knowledge products generated by our work with our members, and for a range of shared resources. As educators, we all suffer from information overload, and face challenges in terms of both volume and access to different kinds of documents. The Knowledge Hub includes a range of ‘knowledge products’, often related to the BRIDGE Focus Areas, to help with these challenges. Click here to access the Knowledge Hub

Here are some resources and presentations by fellow SAMEA members, presented at a previous BRIDGE M&E Colloquium.
  • DATA VIZUALISATION: Please see click here to access the knowledge product from the presentation by Jerusha Govender
  • PARTICIPATORY METHODS: Please click here for the presentation made by Alyna Wyatt
  • LEAN THINKING: Please click here for presentation made by Asgar Bhikoo
  • SYSTEMS APPROACHES: Please click here for presentation made by Benita Williams