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Evaluator Competencies

In 2015, SAMEA in partnership with DPME, undertook a study that explored professionalising evaluation in South Africa. Its findings were clear and indicated that such a step would be premature and that the country’s evaluation system first needed to be strengthened overall. As part of the study, a “Roadmap to Strengthening Evaluation” was developed. It is against this backdrop that SAMEA has decided to take the competency discussion further and would like its members to begin a discussion around a draft set of competencies for South African evaluators.

One of our members, Rhoda Goremucheche, has developed a draft set of competencies as part of her PhD and we as an evaluation community need to look at these and see whether they are appropriate, relevant and even feasible. The board believes that the draft set of competencies is a good place to start this important discussion and we too will give our feedback in terms of what should be added, omitted or modified.