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African Evaluation Journal

The African Evaluation Journal (AEJ) was conceptualised in 2009 as a key instrument to develop evaluation scholarship and authorship in Africa. The first edition was published in 2013 and launched at the 2014 AfrEA conference in Cameroon. Contributors to the journal have attempted to describe and interrogate the emerging theories and practices of evaluation in Africa in the context of Africa’s own original thinking within the global evaluation community.

Its vision is to document the use of evaluation in a manner that will help transform the lives of African people, contribute towards accountability within African societies and countries, and provide new forms of knowledge and learning both within and outside Africa. The journal is also starting to unite evaluation-related knowledge scattered across disciplines, professions and countries for the ultimate benefit of African development. Since the inaugural edition, four more volumes have been produced.

The African Evaluation Journal is an open access journal published by AOSIS Publishers located in Cape Town, South Africa. Unique visitors to the journal pages have been tracked by the publisher since the first publication in 2013. The open access mode allows for visitors to download articles for their own use and the total downloads, since 2013 exceed 135 000. There is now a growing demand for more editions, focusing on varied and different aspects of monitoring and evaluation in Africa.