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2021 Online Capacity Building Workshops

SAMEA 2021 Online Capacity Building Workshops: Monitoring and Evaluation in the Context of Global Crises

1. Evaluative Thinking for Adaptive Management in the Context of Global Crises by T. Archibald -

2. Progress versus Outcomes - A non-linear approach to evaluation by P. Nkontwana -

3. Results oriented Monitoring and Evaluation planning for non-profit organisations by D. Lomofsky and M. Chikwanda -

4. Public sector evaluation in South Africa: An introduction in flux by M. Leslie -

5. Data presentation for decision making by R. Karambakuwa-

6. Evaluation That Transforms by J. Colvin -

7. Facilitating for Evaluation Using Zoom by K. Hutchinson -

Workshop participants are reminded that they can log into SAMEA’s LMS to view the full videos of the workshops that they attended.