Bread for the World: Accompanying impact evaluation with comparison group design of four projects in Ethiopia


Deadline date
03 Mar 2019

1. Introduction

Bread for the World is a worldwide development programme of the national evangelical and free churches in Germany, which works with poor and marginalised people around the world in an effort to improve their living standards. The focus of the work is on food security, provision of education and health, respect for human rights and the integrity of creation. Through lobbying, advocacy and educational work in Germany and Europe, it seeks to influence political decisions in favour of the poor and raise awareness of the need for sustainable living standards and economic activities.

2. Subject of the evaluation: Four SEWOH projects in Ethiopia

In the framework of the Special Initiative “One World – No Hunger” (SEWOH), Bread for the World, with funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), donations and church funds is implementing projects aimed at food security, sustainable agriculture and soil rehabilitation

The four projects to be evaluated are being implemented by various partner organisations in various regions of the country and their respective duration, from 2018 or 2019 on, is 4 to 5 years. The projects shall be accompanied with an evaluation design from the beginning of 2019. A quasi-experimental design with comparison peer groups and three measurement time points shall be used as the evaluation design: first measurement (delayed baseline – t1), mid-term review (t2) and final measurement (t3). The accompanying impact evaluation shall use the reviews from the various measurement points of the target and comparison groups as well as assess the projects comparatively in the framework of the developed overarching impact model. Ethical considerations concerning the formation of comparison groups shall be addressed through an appropriate process that is to be defined in close cooperation with the regional office and the partner organisations.

3. Proposals

This announcement is based on a two-stage process. At the expression of interest stage, bidders present themselves. Suitable bidders are invited to submit a bid in a second stage.

a) Expression of interest: In a first stage, all interested expert teams/consortiums/consultancies/research entities submit their expression of interest together with their profile. If the expert teams/consortiums/consultancies/research entities have questions about the announcement, they shall submit these together with their expression of interest and their profile. We request that you refrain from telephone questions during that time.

Please send us with your expression of interest:

1) An application as expert team/consortium/consultancy/research entity which gives us an indication of your capacities and skills in implementing the contract including relevant career details of all consultants.

2) All questions you may have on the ToR.

All interested parties with the general suitability to conduct the accompanying impact evaluation will be invited to submit an offer.

Expressions of interest by 03.02.2019 per email to [email protected] and [email protected] Questions asked in the context of the expression of interest will be answered by 08.02.2019 and the answers will be sent to all those qualified to submit an offer.

b) Submission of offers: Offers must be submitted by 03.03.2019

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