Sonke Gender Justice : Process Tracing for Addressing the Gender Dimensions of Migration and Health

Terms Of Reference

Deadline date
26 Nov 2018
Contact name
Marike Keller or Stacy Norman-Hector
Contact telephone number
+27 (0)21 423 7088 ext 247 and + 27 (0)21 423 7088 ext 228


The main outcomes of the project are:

1. Local, national and regional laws, policies and implementation plans progressively address the gendered vulnerabilities associated with migration.

2. Civil society has the capacity to hold government accountable for their commitments to migrant rights in existing documents.

Purpose of this Consultancy

The aim of this consultancy will be two-fold:

1. The consultant will be tasked to do a case study using process tracing methodology for this project; and

2. In order for the Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (RME) team and the Policy Development and Advocacy (PDA) team to conduct their own process tracing for projects going forward, the 2 teams will need capacity building workshops to effectively do process tracing.


A definition according to Beach, “Process tracing is a research method for tracing causal mechanisms using detailed, within-case empirical analysis of how a causal process plays out in an actual case. Process tracing can be used… to gain a greater understanding of the causal dynamics that produced the outcome of a particular case and to shed light on generalizable causal mechanisms linking causes and outcomes within a population of causally similar cases”.

Process tracing is embedded in the qualitative methodological scope or analysis of research and is a active tool to measure efforts related to a project in achieving the set objectives and outcome. As stated by Collier: “Process tracing… is an analytic tool for drawing descriptive and causal inferences from diagnostic pieces of evidence— often understood as part of a temporal sequence of events or phenomena”.

Through this methodological approach, both RME and PDA would like to document future projects within policy advocacy and other fields.


The consultant must submit the following deliverables: - Workshop training curriculum for participants

- Case study outline document

- Version 1 report

- Draft final report

- Final report Required Expertise Relevant experience in qualitative research methodologies.

Experience and expertise in using process tracing, preferably in a non-government setting and for monitoring and evaluation purposes.


The budget for the activity is R50 000 maximum.

How to apply

Should you wish to apply, please send a detailed CV, detailed quote and a letter outlining your experience of process tracing to:

Marike Keller

Policy Development & Advocacy Specialist

Phone: +27 (0)21 423 7088 ext 247

Email: [email protected]


Stacy Norman-Hector

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Phone: + 27 (0)21 423 7088 ext 228

Email: [email protected]

For more information about this opportunity, please see attachment above