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GiveDirectly: Qualitative Research Consultant

Deadline date
21 Sep 2021
Start date
01 Oct 2021
End date
15 Mar 2022
Contact email address


GiveDirectly (GD) aims to reshape international giving - and millions of lives - by allowing donors to provide capital grants directly to some of the world’s poorest people. As the largest nonprofit dedicated exclusively to unconditional cash transfers, GiveDirectly has delivered life changing aid to thousands of extremely poor individuals across the globe. We believe people living in poverty deserve the dignity to choose for themselves how best to improve their lives — cash enables that choice. We are constantly investing in new ways to improve the scale, speed and agility of our operations, while maintaining a high degree of beneficiary care, ethics and protection.

We propose the following potential learning objectives but are open to applications that include further investigation into adding to and refining appropriate learning objectives:

○ Assess the impact (positive or negative) that the cash transfers have had on recipients’ lives and their wider communities, including matters of:

  • Opportunities and aspirations
  • Psychological well-being and mental health
  • Dignity and autonomy
  • Household power and gender dynamics
  • Resilience

○ Assess the potential to integrate cash transfers with public services e.g. education, health or social protection initiatives in this context.

○ Assess the potential to integrate cash transfers with community based organisations providing services to cash recipients e.g. livelihoods support. 


  • Written research design with methodology, analysis plan, and data collection tools, including a process for identifying participants (to be approved by GiveDirectly before any potential participants are approached)
  • Audio recordings and clean versions of all data collected, including transcriptions of all interviews in their original language with English translations, as applicable.
  • A written report of the research analysis and findings.
  • A presentation of key findings, to be shared with GiveDirectly and other key stakeholders.

Expertise required 

  • The consultant should be based locally and understand the local environment and culture.
  • Provide examples of previous related work conducted as proof of competence and experience in conducting qualitative research. Experience evaluating the effects of cash transfers will be an added advantage
  • Provide three references we can contact immediately
  • A social science background and graduate or postgraduate education in sociology or social work, development studies, community development or economics is advantageous.
  • Profiles of the lead researcher and key personnel, including their relevant experience and their roles / responsibilities for the proposed project. Please highlight expertise working with populations living in poverty.

How to apply

  • Please submit any questions to [email protected] by 13th Sept, 2021
  • Please submit proposals maximum 4 Pages to [email protected] by 21st Sept, 2021
  • We aim to review proposals and make a final selection within two weeks of the submission deadline

Attached is the complete TOR