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Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Recruitment of Individual Consultants

Impact Evaluation of the Last Mile Connectivity Project in Kenya (phase 1)

Deadline date
15 May 2020
Start date
01 Jun 2020
End date
29 Jan 2021
The Consultant is expected to work from their countries of residence, with working visits to Abidjan, and Kenya, for data collection.
Contact name
Mr. Eustace Uzor, African Development Bank Group
Contact telephone number
+225 2026 5592


The evaluation will focus on the Bank-funded Last Mile Connectivity Project approved in 2014 and scheduled to close in 2020. The project aims to maximize the use of 35,000 distribution transformers, spread across the 47 counties in Kenya, by extending the low voltage network to reach households (1.2 million people) within 600 meters of existing transformers.


The specific evaluation objectives are to: i) Assess to what extent reliable and new access to electricity have been achieved by the project; ii) Assess to what extent employment, in particular for women has been achieved by the project; iii) Assess achievement of health and educational outcomes by the project, with a specific interest for girls; iv) Assess to what extent productive use of energy, especially small businesses have been accomplished by the project; v) Assess Poverty reduction and increase in household income of beneficiaries as a result of the project; and vi) Assess Environmental and social impact of the project. vii) The contribution of the project to the financial sustainability of the power utility, specifically on Kenya Power and Lighting Company.

Evaluation Process, Deliverables and Timeline:

The assignment will constitute the following phases: 

Inception Phase

Implementation Phase

Report Writing Phase

The deliverables of the Individual Consultant will include the following (in English): i) An Inception Report, ii) A Technical Impact Evaluation Report, and iii) A Summary Report. The assignment will be coordinated by a Task Manager with support of an IDEV Consultant that will provide research support, data analysis and contribution to data collection and report writing.

Profile and Qualifications of Individual Consultant:

The Consultant is expected to have a strong background in conducting impact evaluations, preferably in rural electrification, with strong experience in the use of non-experimental methods. The Consultant is expected to have the following minimum qualifications and experiences: a) At least 7 years of experience in leading impact evaluation projects in developing countries. Specific experience in electrification interventions would be an advantage. b) At least MSc degree in Economics, International Development or related subject areas, with strong research experience and econometrics background. c) A strong and demonstrated knowledge of quantitative and qualitative data analysis (STATA or R) shown by peer-reviewed publications in journals. d) Strong expertise in designing methodology and data collection tools (SurveyCTO), especially non-experimental methods in Impact Evaluation. e) Excellent spoken and written proficiency in English essential. f) An understanding and knowledge of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and Kenya would be an added advantage. g) A demonstrated ability to write succinctly and manage complexity in evaluations will be an asset. h) Strong communication and people’s skills.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should notify their interest to IDEV no later than Friday, 15 May 2020 and provide the following documentation in support of the EOI: a) An updated CV, including those of other team members (if required); b) Details of similar assignments completed recently and in the past 5 years, with links to evaluation reports/or related research publications; c) References and contacts for previous assignments and clients; d) Confirmation of their availability during the indicated period.

EOIs must be received by email at the addresses above no later than Friday, 15 May 2020, 17:00 hours local time and specifically mentioning “Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services: Impact Evaluation of Kenya Last Mile Connectivity Project”.