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Frontline Aids : EJAF Uganda – Deep Engagement Grant: Final Evaluation Study.

Deadline date
13 Dec 2019


The final project evaluation will include an analysis of all objectives. The in-depth assessment will focus specifically on the implementation of key intervention strategies. The strategies to be included will be finalised with the consultant and the evaluation review team, with a minimum of three and maximum of five research papers written up.

Project objectives

The project aims to reach 14,700 people with HIV and wider SHRH services, supporting HIV negative LGBT people in staying negative and supporting HIV positive LGBT people in accessing testing, treatment and care services. Alongside its service delivery component, the project also advocates for enabling environment that empowers LGBT persons with knowledge on rights, legal/policy frameworks on HIV/STIs. The project objectives are:

Objective 1- 14,700 LGBT people access tailored packages of HIV and STI services at the community and at the clinical level.

Objective 2 - 662 HIV positive LGBT Ugandans will know their status; 90% of them (596) will start HIV treatment; and 90% (536) of those who start HIV treatment, will achieve viral suppression.

Objective 3 - 12 Uganda LGBT focused CSO organizations effectively implement and monitor project activities.

Objective 4 - Consortium IPs will effectively institute measures that decreases stigma, discrimination and violence against LGBT communities in order to access and utilize HIV/STI services. To date the programme has achieved the following results in the HIV care cascade (June 2019)

  • 13,722 LGBT people accessed a tailored package of HIV and STI services since the beginning of the programme.
  • 10,520 LGBT beneficiaries have tested as part of this project.
  • 619 of these have tested positive, and 537 were lined to care.
  • 545 of the 619 people who tested positive were initiated on ART as part of the project.

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