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Zenex Foundation: Evaluation of the South African Mathematics Challenge (SAMC)

Deadline date
30 Aug 2020
Contact name
Sam Rametse
Contact email address


The SAMC is a well-established national competition for Grades 4-7 learners. The SAMC is not an end in itself, but is intended as a vehicle to enhance the quality of the teaching and learning of mathematics.

SAMC objectives:

  • to generate an interest in mathematics (to popularise mathematics);
  • to promote a broader perspective on the nature of mathematical activity, including that mathematical activity consists of more than simple calculations;
  • to promote problem solving in mathematics education;
  • to promote the perspective that the calculator is a useful and necessary tool in mathematical activity but that a calculator cannot solve problems for learners;
  • to emphasise the importance of reading in mathematical activity;
  • to provide a diagnostic tool to enable teachers to identify learners' misconceptions;
  • to develop and disseminate materials that may contribute to meaningful mathematical activity in classrooms
  • to identify, nurture and develop learners with mathematical talent The First Round is written at schools in March.

The papers are distributed only by e-mail to schools through AMESA’s Regional Organisers or SAMF. Schools make copies of the papers for their learners. The paper is an hour long and consists of 20 multiple choice questions.

Proposal Submission Process

  • Activity Date Submission of proposals 30 August 2020
  • A brief outline of how you understand the task
  • An outline of the evaluation design and evaluation logic. This includes outlining a process, methodology, data collection strategy, instruments and data analysis.
  • Specifying ethical requirements
  • A detailed plan and budget.
  • Times line with key deliverables
  • Experience and expertise of the organisation and team that will undertake the evaluation.
  • List of team members. This includes CVS of the team leader and researchers/evaluators
  • BEEE status Applicants to participate in interview process 10 September 2020 5.


An appropriate mix of expertise is required in a team that comprises: 

  • High level capability in strategy and education programme design.
  • Strategic and Technical capability in evaluation design and implementation.
  • Knowledge and experience of the South African schooling sector.
  • Experience in leading reviews/evaluations.
  • Appropriate operations management expertise.
  • Demonstrated Project Management capacity.
  • Demonstrated research and evaluation skills in undertaking project research and evaluation involving donors, government, NGO’s
  • A diverse team in terms of race and gender.


The final evaluation design and plan will inform the nature and timing of reports. This is to be negotiated as part of contracting process. Budget schedules will also be negotiated before signing the contract. However, you will be required to provide the following:

Final evaluation design

  • A Project Plan
  • Baseline report
  • Progress reports
  • Final report, including Summary of final report
  • Presentation to key stakeholders 

Contact Person for Queries and Submission Queries and Proposals must be emailed to: Sam Rametse: [email protected] 011 481 7818/  083 390 3770