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DBSA : Appointment of PSP for Ntabakululu Local Municipality : Intergrated National Electrification Programme

invitation to Bid

Deadline date
10 Sep 2019, 11:00AM
Development Bank of Southern Africa Welcome Centre 1258 Lever Road Midrand
Contact email address

Rules governing the RFP and the tendering process

  • Participation in the tender process is subject to compliance with the rules contained in this RFP Part C.
  •  All persons (whether or not a participant in this tender process) having obtained or received this RFP may only use it, and the information contained herein, in compliance with the rules contained in this RFP.
  •  All Bidders are deemed to accept the rules contained in this RFP Part C.
  • The rules contained in this RFP Part C apply to:
    • The RFP and any other information given, received or made available in connection with this RFP, and any revisions or annexure;
    • the Tendering Process; and
    •  any communications (including any briefings, presentations, meetings and negotiations) relating to the RFP or the Tendering Process


This Tendering Process will use a two envelope system i.e. Bidders must submit the Pre-Qualifying Criteria and Functional Proposal, including SBD’s and supporting documents in one envelope (together with relevant copies) and Pricing proposal in a separate envelope (together with the relevant copies). BOTH ENVELOPES MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED.


No price and/or rates must be included in the Functional/Technical Proposal as this will result in disqualification. No SBD’s and B-BBEE Certificates are to be included in the Pricing Proposal.

For more information about this opportunity, please see attachment above