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National Education Collaboration Trust :Call for Proposals to conduct the Subject Adviser Profiling Study in South Africa

Deadline date
24 May 2019
Contact name
Ms Yolisa Mdiya
Contact email address
12 months

The DBE, NECT and the Funder jointly invite suitably qualified people and organisations to respond to the call for proposals to conduct a Subject Advisor Profile Study. This call is targeted at researchers, universities, practitioners and organisations who are interested in participating in this endeavour of national importance trying to better understand the work undertaken by SAs.

This is a call for proposals to undertake a study to profile the Subject Advisory Service in South Africa. The study is aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the role of Subject Advisors (SAs), their provisioning, profile and utilisation of tools of trade and support SAs provide to schools. The report and the policy brief is expected to inform policy and practice. The study is commissioned by the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) in partnership with the Department of Basic Education (DBE).

Aims and objectives of the study 
The purpose of the study is to understand the inhibiters and enablers of the roles and responsibilities of subject advisors.

The specific objectives of the study are to;

  •  Determine the post establishment of SAs nationally,
  •  Better understand the roles, functions and competencies required of SAs,
  •  Establish the daily work routines of SAs in terms of their job descriptions
  •  Determine policy expectations and availability and utilisation of tools of trade
  •  Identify professional development needs, and
  • Establish current subject advisor professionalisation initiatives.

Scope of the study 
Services providers are expected to employ innovative approaches in undertaking the study. Given the large nature of the study, approaches that employ a combination of systemic review of literature, as well as primary research using mixed methods is preferred:

A. Sampling framework

  1.  A purposely selected sample of subject advisors from six districts (2 per province) located in three provinces;
  2. Sample of FP/English First Additional Language (EFAL) subject advisors;
  3. A sample of EFAL and Maths subject advisors in INTERSEN phase and
  4. A sample of district and provincial district officials who lead the EFAL and Maths subject advisors.

B. National and international literature. This should include developed and developing countries. 
C. Analysis of policy documents: Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) agreements, district policies, etc. D. Profile of SAs nationally (no of subject advisors, post provisioning norms, qualifications, experience, age groups, etc.) and analysis of data.
D. Profile of SAs nationally (no of subject advisors, post provisioning norms, qualifications, experience, age groups, etc.) and analysis of data.

 Proposal submission 
The applicant must submit a proposal to the NECT that sets out how they will undertake this study. Applicants can collaborate with other individuals and organisations to ensure that the required capacity and expertise is available within their team.

The proposal must include:

  • A brief outline of your understanding of the task.
  • An outline of the process, methodology and data collection and analysis strategy that you propose.
  • A plan with high-level activities, period and budget.
  •  Experience and expertise of the organisation and team that will undertake the study.
  •  List of team members. This includes brief CVs of the team leader and researchers/evaluators.

The proposal will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Understanding and interpretation of the task
  • The approach to the task, including methodology, data collection and analysis
  • Experience and expertise in the field
  • Organisational capacity
  • BBBEE status
  • Inclusion of African evaluators/researchers in the team
  • Cost or budget

    Contact Person 
    Proposals must be submitted to Ms Yolisa Mdiya by the close of business on 24 May 2019. Please note that only short-listed Service Providers will be notified. A briefing session will be held with shortlisted service providers to discuss timelines, methodology and specific deliverables.

    Closing date: 24 May 2019

    General enquiries should be emailed to [email protected]

    For more information about this opportunity, please see the attachment above.