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Call for proposals: Final review of grant agreement "Wireless Mine Safety Monitoring System" (WIMISA)

Deadline date
06 May 2019, 17:00
Contact name
Kegomoditswe Mokgoro
Contact email address

The Royal Norwegian Embassy is calling for submission of proposals for the Final Review of Grant Agreement " Wireless Mine Safety Monitoring System( WIMISA)between Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the SINTEF Foundation.

About the project

Agreement Number and Name: RSA-14/0003, WIMISA (Wireless Mine Safety Monitoring Systems) Project

The Total Grant Amount: NOK 11 301 550 (All disbursed)

Project Period: 2015 -2018

The WIMISA (Wireless Mine Safety Monitoring Systems) Project was a continuation of the previous project (RSA-3107, RSA-12/0002) known as WIGAMI pre-study, which was supported by the Embassy upon referral from Norad and Innovation Norway. WIGAMI was a strategic research collaboration testing wireless communication and gas detection technology known as GSO1 and developed for offshore industry in Norway, in South African Mines. The objective of this phase was to investigate how to adapt the novel gas sensing technology developed for the oil and gas sector to the mining sector in South Africa.

The results of the WIGAMI pre study concluded that the GSO1 sensor is suitable for use in mines, but that its price tag would prevent large-scale development. The project then concluded that there was a need to develop the concept further focusing more on practical issues such a size, cost, deployment density of sensors, interconnection with other sensors and integration of mining control systems. This resulted in SINTEF requesting funds for the next phase – WIMISA.

WIMISA – The objective was to establish a concept for a complete sensor network in the mine to secure the safety of the workers in the mine. The safety concept includes gas, dust, noise, temperature, humidity and airflow sensors, all at different levels of development. Additionally, the project was to describe mining industry process control systems and how diverse sensor data may be intergraded into that system. The main deliverables for the project was a trial installation to improve the safety of the miner, and contribute to “ventilation on demand”, reducing costs and improving on the environment.

For more information click the attached Terms of Reference.

All questions and enquiries regarding this call for proposal are to be submitted specifically by email to Kegomoditswe Mokgoro at [email protected]

Complete proposals must be in English and must be delivered electronically to: [email protected]