Allan Gray Orbis Foundation : 10KJ Initiative Mid-term Evaluation


Deadline date
24 Jun 2019, 16:00
Contact name
Elsie Govender
Contact email address


 The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Endowment (AGOFE) is seeking to appoint a service provider to undertake a programmatic mid-term evaluation of the 10KJ Initiative. A background to the Initiative is presented herein, as well as the purpose of the evaluation and the scope of work. Proposals are invited from suitable service providers with details at the end of this Terms of Reference (TOR).

Purpose of Evaluation

The purpose of the evaluation is to assess if the 10KJ initiative has contributed to improved outcomes of partner organisations and ultimately contributed to addressing unemployment among target beneficiaries. During the evaluation period, the 10KJ initiatives’ design and implementation status will be assessed, as well as the capacity of each organisation to contribute towards the expected outcome of job creation. The evaluation process will be implemented in two phases using an evidence-based approach to identify whether each organisation has implemented their projects as intended and with efficiency, based on clearly articulated processes and activities specified by each organisations logic model. This will improve understanding of what has worked and what has not as a guide for future planning for the 10KJ initiative.

Proposal submission

Kindly submit your proposal to Elsie Govender at [email protected] by 16:00 (SAST) on 24 June 2019. For any queries related to submission please contact the email above. Please use the subject line: “[Service Provider’s name]: 10KJ Mid-term Evaluation” when submitting your proposal.

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