EJAF Mozambique : Deep Engagement Grant- Evaluation of Monitoring System

Terms of Reference

Deadline date
28 Oct 2019
Contact name
Chantel Le Fleur-Bellerose
Contact email address


The overall aim of the evaluation is to assess to what extent the project monitoring and evaluation system has served the project needs to monitor progress in the achievement of its intended objectives. Importantly, the evaluation should describe if the M&E system enabled the tracking of project beneficiaries across the HIV continuum of care, from prevention to treatment, while protecting data safety and data confidentiality.


To assess the project M&E system’s ability to monitor progress towards the achievement of the project intended objectives. Was the approach taken best practice in terms of a programme that aims to track care cascade for marginalised populations?. To assess the use of Unique Identification Codes (UIC) as part of the systems employed by the project to enable the tracking of beneficiaries across the HIV continuum of care while protecting data safety and data confidentiality. The UIC is a core component of the M&E system, and considered best practice for maintaining the anonymity of individuals receiving services and being able to identify clients longitudinally in terms of tracking people along the care cascade. The UIC also replaces the need to know client personal details in order to follow-up on services provided, and ensure linkages between steps along the care cascade.

Specifically to assess:

  • How reliable and useful was the use of UICs in the program? What were the perceived challenges and benefits of using UICs?
  • To what extent can a CBO such as Lambda implement UICs to track LGBT people along the care cascade?
  • How could we improve the use of UICs for a programme such as EJAF DEG? Provide recommendations for what alternative tracking systems could be suitable to enable tracking beneficiaries across the HIV continuum of care. Based on findings from the assessments above, generate recommendations, identify challenges and achievements and propose solutions and methodologies to improve future M&E systems for similar type of projects.


Output 1: M&E System Evaluation Study full proposal stating the evaluation methodology, data collection tools to be used, evaluation questions, workplan and stakeholder engagement.

Output 2: M&E System Evaluation Report

Output 3: Case study on use of UICs in the tracking of LGBT people across the HIV continuum of care

Output 4: Recommendations brief for improvement of future M&E systems


The consultant/s will be paid on the delivery of each output for the number of days worked. This will be paid within 30 days of submission of an invoice.

If you are interested, please send:

  • Submit a covering letter of not more than 2 pages detailing why you are interested in this consultancy and what key skills and experience you feel you can bring, and a brief outline of your approach to this piece of work
  • Indicative budget, including travel costs.
  • CV of all proposed team members
  • 2 examples of previous relevant work completed (or links to reports available online) to Chantel Le Fleur-Bellerose ([email protected]) by 28th of October 2019.

For more information about this opportunity please find attachment above