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City of Cape Town: Tender 73S/2020/21

Provision of M&E Training Services to City of Cape Town Officials

Deadline date
12 Oct 2020, 10:00 AM
Start date
01 Jan 2021
End date
30 Jun 2023
Cape Town and possibly virtual as required
Contact name
Ameen Benjamin
Contact telephone number
Contact email address
36 months


Organisational Performance Management (OPM) is a core and legislatively mandated business of the City of Cape Town (CCT). OPM focuses organisations on results through the use of performance information in various decision-making settings. The CCT has recently developed an OPM Framework to support officials in meeting the requirements related to OPM. This framework aims to support results based practices across directorates, by promoting a streamlined and cohesive approach to integrated performance planning, quality assurance, implementation, reporting, monitoring and evaluation. 

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) capacity within the CCT is currently not sufficiently strong. The CCT therefore, through the OPM Department, is mandated to strengthen the M&E capacity within the organisation.

 The OPM Department has recognised that a structured M&E training programme is needed in order to effectively implement the OPM Framework and consequently to deliver on the CCT’s legislative mandate in terms of performance management through monitoring and evaluation.


The purpose of this tender is to procure a training service provider, who will guide and train CCT officials on M&E in the Public Sector, with particular contextual reference to the CCT’s Organisational Performance Management Plan (PMP) as outlined in the OPM Framework. The PMP comprises of the Logic Model, Theory of Change, Monitoring Plan and Evaluation Plan.

The CCT is interested in partnering with potential Training and Development Providers who are able to assist with M&E training within the context of the Organisational Performance Management Plan. The ultimate objective of the training is to improve the M&E (and consequently performance management) ability of the Organisation.

 Target Audience

There are two distinct target audiences within the CCT whom the training is aimed at. These include:

a)  Senior Leadership (i.e. Executive Directors, Directors and Managers)

b)  Operational, Technical, Professional and Specialist personnel (i.e. M&E Practitioners), including Heads and Managers with an M&E function (i.e. M&E Managers).

How to apply

Please email [email protected]