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Topical Interest Groups (TIGs)


TIGs are subgroups of SAMEA consisting of members with common interests. TIGs may be formed around methodologies such as Needs Assessment, around work contexts such as Government Evaluation, around salient concerns such as Feminist Issues, COVID Pandemic issues or around professional status such as Independent Consultants. SAMEA members may contact the secretariat if they are interested to start and coordinate a TIG, outlining briefly the purpose, interest and proposed timeframes and mediums for interactions for members of the TIG. The secretariat will assist in calling for interests to join the TIG on SAMEATalk, collating responses and sharing it with the new EE coordinator. It will also assist by referencing the TIG and the coordinator on the SAMEA website, communicate upcoming meetings of the TIG on SAMEATalk and place outputs and products of the TIG on the SAMEA webpage.

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Simply send an email to [email protected] requesting to join the EE TIG.

About the EduCOVID TIG

On 13 May 2020, SAMEA launched the EduCOVID Topical Interest Group via zoom. The TIG was initiated by SAMEA volunteers, so that M&E practitioners could talk to others and consider how they can support the education sector response to the COVID-19. The initiative was supported by the SAMEA secretariat and members of the SAMEA board.

The main mode of interaction was monthly zoom meetings, but the TIG also encouraged sharing of resources under a twitter hashtag #EduCOVIDtig. SAMEA hosted an EduCOVID TIG blog and maintained an email listserv. The EduCOVID TIG was open to SAMEA members and non-members and some cross-linkages with the BRIDGE M&E Community of practice were established.

The TIG hosted 4 meetings in the period during which schools were closed, and just after reopening of schools.

A total of 73 people participated in the launch meeting during which the participants were invited to do a visioning exercise – To determine what the TIG could do. The planning for the TIG was taken forward by a team of volunteers. Each of the TIG meetings were co-facilitated by a young and emerging evaluator. While the TIG did not run for long, it did create a conversation space for evaluators and evaluation users interested in education at time when the sector was in flux.

Thank you to the following individuals who participated in the EduCOVID TIG convening committee.

  • Benita Williams Benita Williams Evaluation
  • Benter Okelo BRIDGE Innovation in Education Organization
  • Cara Hartley PDG and SAMEA Board Member
  • Jennifer Bisgard Khulisa Management Services
  • SAMEA Secretariat
  • Margie Roper Khulisa Management Services
  • Matodzi Amisi CLEAR-AA
  • Melissa King BRIDGE Innovation in Education Organization
  • Takalani Muloiwa University of Witwatersrand
  • Tikwiza Silubonde CREST at the University of Stellenbosch
  • Victor Naidu DPME and SAMEA Board Member
  • Eleanor Hazel JET Education Services
  • Diliah Mutambara Private
  • Mayibongwe Manyoba Khulisa Management Services
  • Vuyiswa Ncontsa BRIDGE Innovation in Education Organization
  • Jerusha Govender Data Innovator