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External events

SAMEA KZN MEL Network webinar

Join SAMEA and SAMEA KZN MEL network's premier webinar this May!

Supporting the development and inclusion of EE’s

In 2021, SAMEA, UNICEF, CLEAR-AA and WFP came together to design an internship programme that would provide support to selected EEs by offering them opportunities to learn, contribute and engage in the M&E space through immersion into real-world evaluation projects, capacity development activities and mentorship opportunities.

gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2022

CLEAR-AA is part of a global initiative strengthening Anglophone African countries' capacities in monitoring and evaluation and performance management. Join the #EvalEvolve conversation by hosting an event during #gLOCAL2022

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Bootcamp

Join us for our first online Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Bootcamp, where we cover a wide range of topics appropriate for the curious beginner, to the more confident advanced MEL practitioner. Pick and pay for the modules that you choose, and sign up for a one on one or group coaching session.

Introduction to Facilitating and Producing Participatory Virtual Events

This introductory course to Facilitating & Producing Participatory Virtual Events by Southern Hemisphere will help you to make the best use of virtual opportunities to engage with people, to explore issues creatively, and to reach decisions. We will consider some challenges when facilitating virtual processes and share tips and tools to make the virtual experience engaging, participatory and productive. The course is offered on Zoom but the principles, tools and techniques have wider use for other platforms.

Evaluation on Empowerment of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

Women Empowerment and Gender Equality in our lifetime!