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MEFMI: Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Training

Start date
CLOSED: 19 Sep 2022, 04:26
End date
CLOSED: 23 Sep 2022, 04:26
Contact details
Email: [email protected] Mobile: +263 772 216 515


The importance of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for any development intervention cannot be overemphasized. Monitoring and Evaluation provides a framework for determining organisational performance by way of tracking progress in the implementation of programme and project activities and assessing the extent of achievement of the results thereof. Further, it provides information on areas for improvement, allocation of resources, and prioritising, among others. It is in view of the foregoing that Monitoring and Evaluation is high on the agenda of many developmental organisations and public institutions. Therefore, it is critical that everyone that is involved in programme/project implementation or any other developmental undertaking to have some basic knowledge of monitoring and evaluation to enable them, monitor, evaluate, and utilise the outcomes thereof for decision making.


At the end of the course, participants will be able: Articulate the fundamentals of the Monitoring and Evaluation Differentiate between Monitoring and Evaluation Develop a Results Chain Develop a Theory of Change Identify Results and Develop Indicators Develop a Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation


Fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation; What and How to monitor and evaluate; Logical Models: Result chain; Theory of Change; Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators; Data Collection Methods; Developing a Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation; and Approaches to Project/Programme Evaluation.


Project and Programme Managers, Project/Programme Officers, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Officials working in Government and NGOs involved in programme/project implementation.

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