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Supporting the development and inclusion of EE’s

Start date
CLOSED: 01 Jun 2022, 11:00
End date
CLOSED: 01 Jun 2022, 12:30
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This FREE session will be a joint panel discussion between the partners, EEs and the host organisations who will use this platform to share their experiences, lessons learnt and what other pathways of engagement can be expected in the future.


SAMEA: Moses Mashingaidze has over 8 years of experience in M&E, research and data analysis. Currently leads the M&E department at Ndlovu Care Group. He is also a SAMEA board member since 2021.

CLEAR-AA (WITS University): Takunda Chirau (PhD) is a DD at CLEAR-AA who is responsible for managing the country programmes geared towards strengthening monitoring and evaluation systems. He is also a SAMEA board member leading the EE Portfolio.

WFP (RBJ): Tania Mazonde is an Evaluation Officer at the UN World Food Programme, based in the Southern African Regional Bureau. She has more than four years of working experience in monitoring and evaluation, with a focus on evaluation management, evidence use and data analysis and visualization.


Intern at SAMEA: Sibongile Sithole is a driven individual, passionate about what I set my mind to and always willing to learn. Currently encompassing all this at Ndlovu Care Group as an M&E Intern.

Intern at SAMEA: Sivenati Yami is an Emerging Evaluator currently working as an intern at SAMEA. I am a hard worker who is always willing to learn. I am also currently studying towards a Masters Degree at Nelson Mandela University.

Intern at WFP/CLEAR-AA: Yeukai Tizora is an Emerging Evaluator with WFP Regional Bureau in Southern Africa and CLEAR-AA were her focus is on M&E capacity strengthening, country evaluation support and evidence analysis. She holds an MSc in International Relations, Post Graduate Diploma in M&E. 

Intern at WFP/CLEAR-AA: Sonny Mokganyetje Motlanthe (Conny) is an Emerging Evaluator as an Administrative Assistant Intern between WFP and CLEAR-AA. She has previously worked at DPME-Research and and Knowledge Management Intern: 2019-2021. Sonny has been involved in large-scale research projects.


UNICEF: Ms. Ilona Milner has experience working in international development and humanitarian response mainly with WFP and UNICEF. She has served in over 8 countries in Africa, South Asia and the Middle east. Her main area of expertise is in resource mobilization, partnerships, planning, monitoring and evaluation. 

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