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gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2022

Start date
CLOSED: 30 May 2022, 12:00
End date
CLOSED: 03 Jun 2022, 12:00
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gLOCAL Evaluation Week (”gLOCAL”), an annual dedicated week for Monitoring and Evaluation (“M&E”) knowledge and experience sharing events around the globe, was launched in 2019. In the short time since gLOCAL was launched, organizing partners from around the world have hosted nearly 1000 M&E focused events across five continents in multiple languages. During gLOCAL, government officials, evaluation practitioners, academics and researchers, and students, among many others, have joined this global movement to discuss M&E issues, connecting with one another to share their knowledge and experiences in this field.


The overarching theme for gLOCAL 2022, “EvalEvolve:The evolution of M&E in the 21st century”

Thematic streams

Broadening the use of data in monitoring and evaluation: How are M&E practitioners broadening their evidence base? What new data sources are becoming available or can be accessed in a cost-efficient manner that can help broadening and deepening our understanding of policy interventions?

Managing and analyzing data more smartly: How are emerging data science applications such as data layering, data visualization and machine learning changing the ways in which we use data to respond to evaluative questions? What is the potential and what are the limitations?

Responsibly using data: With new data sources and new techniques for analyzing data coming to the fore, what are the implications for using data responsibly and ethically in the context of M&E?

Making innovation work for monitoring and evaluation: How is the data revolution changing M&E practices, including the link between the two? How are organizations integrating new technologies and analytics into their M&E systems? What factors constrain or facilitate innovation in M&E?

Innovations in methods and approaches: How have M&E methods and approaches evolved to better capture evidence of achievement of more complex outcomes (e.g. school attendance vs. learning outcomes) and failures and descriptions of learning and adaptation?

Recentering M&E for local audiences: How is the M&E community evolving away from predominantly meeting the needs of external agencies to becoming focused on meeting local needs like supporting better planning and program design? How is this shift creating space for discussions around inclusion and equity?

Format, Dates, and Planning

Session formats can include presentations, round-table or panel discussions, trainings and workshops, and more.

This year, gLOCAL events will be virtual.

gLOCAL 2022 will take place between May 30th and June 3rd, 2022

The Call for proposals will be open from early February and has been extended until 13 April. Proposal approval deadline for the gLOCAL Secretariat will thereafter.

Please visit for general information, evaluation criteria, and other requirements.