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choose your role in the hackathon

The SAMEA evaluation hackathon will run from 8-22 October 2021.

If you would like to get involved, see the roles and responsibilities of evaluation hackathon team members below.

Theme leaders: SAMEA board members

Devise concept notes and hold the overall thrust of each theme. The theme leaders are: Prof Ian Goldman (evaluation’s contribution to systemic crises), Eleanor Hazell (M&E during times of crisis), Dr Takunda Chirau (made in Africa evaluation) & Prof Babette Rabie (M&E evidence map).

Team Leads

The team leader will be a content expert who will help guide you in the journey overall but not day to day, and make sure you are on track in terms of product and content. The team leader holds the group and navigates them towards the desired outputs. The team leader supports the capacity building of emerging evaluators by providing mentoring where necessary. Time expectation: 6 - 10 hours per week.


Supporting the team lead - strong role in content development and facilitation during Hackathon and in preparation. Time expectation: 6 - 10 hours per week.


Coordinator – they will be the support in the facilitation of the journey, helping to keep the team on track, bringing the team together each day for a quick meeting to review progress and plan next steps.

  1. Support the group with using google suite such as working on a shared document (loading documents, commenting, suggesting and sharing) and joining meetings on google hangouts (include meeting etiquette).
  2. Conduct research - Participate in the research process as delegated by theme lead - introduce leads to google form/surveys.
  3. Help fill in gaps in the group - Assist teams that might be struggling to produce expected work or where one drops off.
  4. Provide support to the theme lead in the absence of a co-lead (mainly assisting with driving the discussion).
  5. Set up meetings in Google Meet and control the meeting logistics i.e. recordings, admissions of team members. It is important that the organiser of the meeting is always present in the whole meeting.
  6. Assist the project coordinator with keeping attendance registers for meetings - this can be done in the chat box at the beginning of a meeting by having each person type their name as evidence they are there - then we use transcripts from the meeting recording as attendance register.
  7. Facilitator - holding the lines of work. Mainly administrative.

Time expectation: 2 - 3 hours per day.


Tasked as allocated by leads and co-leads. This group will be a mix of more and less experienced individuals, bringing their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to various challenges in the M and E space in South Africa. Time expectation is dependent on writing and researching capacity but somewhere in the region of 2 - 3 hours per day.


1. Resource persons: Resource people – we will ask some people to provide expert advice that assists in focusing the scope of work and key areas for investigation. This may involve presenting and being available by email and maybe phone to respond to questions from the team. Resource persons could also join team meetings, supports the capacity building of emerging evaluators and be asked to contribute to particular parts of the team outputs. Time expectation: 4 to 6 hours per week.

2. Presenters: We will ask some people to make once off presentations to teams to present important/interesting/fresh perspectives to stimulate creativity and critical thinking. Time expectation: Once off.

3. Peer Reviewers: Act as external peer reviewers for at least one topic/challenge which entails commenting on and reviewing draft and final outputs. Providing specific guidance to the team leaders and teams where possible. Leverage emerging and final outputs into national and international processes. Propose new directions and areas of study as may be required and identifying synergies and links across topics/challenges and themes. Time expectation: 2 to 3 hours.

Collaborating organisations: Provide support to thematic areas or specific topics by assisting the theme leaders in developing concept notes and challenges/topics that offer a meaningful contribution to solving pertinent M&E challenges. Provide support to leads/co-leads in designing processes and identifying resource persons and materials. Leverage emerging and final outputs. Apply and advocate for the use of products developed by the hackathon. Support the capacity building of emerging evaluators.

how to apply:

Kindly complete this FORM and click Submit.

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