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The mentorship Programme forms part of the broader EE Programme and is an initiative to support EEs to become skilled and dependable professionals that can confidently take up M&E roles in their communities and countries. The mentorship Programme will identify experienced M&E practitioners who are interested in sharing their experience, expertise, and are able to conduct a cohesive and productive relationship. Emerging Evaluators who are part of the EE workplace Programme will be matched with experienced M&E practitioners for the duration of the Programme.

Further expansion of the mentorship programme, beyond EE’s in the work placement pathway, will be explored in 2022.


  • To support emerging evaluators (EEs) in identifying challenges and formulating an action plan for the advancement of their profession.
  • Provide a pathway for M&E experts to contribute to the capacity development of EEs;
  • To facilitate peer-to-peer learning and networking among participants
  • To equip EEs with knowledge and skills to succeed in their monitoring and evaluation career by providing career specific advancement advice.

Roles and Responsibilities of Mentor

  • Arrange online developmental activities with the consideration of choice, preference, and age-appropriateness with assigned mentee(s);
  • Be a positive role model and share ‘lessons learned’ drawing from personal and work-related experience;
  • Maintain a mentor and mentee work schedule and contact log for the full duration of the Programme;
  • Remain accessible and committed for the full duration of the Programme – 6 months
  • Schedule periodic online meetings with assigned mentees on weekdays, preferably during Programme mentoring hours (8AM-5PM);
  • Support the mission, vision, and goals of the EE Programme;
  • Treat all mentees in a non-discriminatory manner;
  • Update the EE Programme Technical Working Group (TWG) about progress and/or challenges, as required.


  •  The tenure of this Programme mentorship is for the equivalent of six months ONLY
  • The frequency of meeting and communication will be agreed upon between the mentor and mentee and should be a minimum exchange of 1 hour a week over the course of the programme

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

A. Credible

  • Demonstrates exceptional M&E skills mastery gained through related M&E experience and builds rapport and trust with the mentee.

B. Balanced Challenger

  •  Encourages the mentee to stretch beyond what the mentee may feel is possible without overwhelming them; and
  • Provides candid but compassionate feedback and supports mentee in overcoming emotional barriers.

C. Adaptable

  • Meets each mentee at the level they are at, asks questions which help the mentee gain their own insights; and
  • Respects individual learning and performance styles while guiding mentee to perform their work to maximize development and growth

Other requirements

  • Post Graduate Degree or equivalent in a relevant field is preferred
  • At least 10 years relevant experience – including in Monitoring and Evaluation.

Application Process

Complete the form below.

The following required  must be submitted to be considered for a Programme mentor position:

  • Complete the form below and attach the following:
  • A CV of not more than 5 pages
  • A letter of motivation of no more than one (1) A4 page (Times New Roman, 12 point and single spaced) using the following points as context:
    • Explain your reasons for applying to be a mentor in this Programme
    • List the qualities that, for you, define impactful mentorship and that you possess, to enable you to be an effective Programme mentor

How to get Involved?

  1. Sign up as an Emerging Evaluator and receive notifications of opportunities
  2. Become a Host Organization and host an EE
  3. Participate as a Mentor for an EE
  4. Champion the EE programme in your network – Share the Link. Encourage EEs to apply 
  5. Share ideas with the EE programme secretariat for improvement

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