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How to start a chapter or network

SAMEA encourages the formation of provincial or regional Chapters (formal)/Networks (informal)/Communities of Practice that offer services such as resource networks, professional development activities, and forums for members to explore, discuss and get involved with evaluation interests. The Eastern Cape Chapter and Western Cape Network have been very instrumental in creating spaces for continuous regional conversations on M&E.

SAMEA and the SAMEA KZN MEL Network recently signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) to strengthen and formalise collaboration. We look forward to collaborating on specific initiatives, reaching a wider group of M&E practitioners and working together to improve the quality and impact of M&E.


The formal Chapter shall be launched when there is a minimum of 15-20 members. The regional liaison board member or champion who currently facilitates regional support and growth shall preside at the launch and elections of leadership. The leadership shall be elected through secret ballot by members in good standing (i.e. members who have paid membership fee). Elections of the Chapters will be facilitated by the regional and membership portfolio of the Board. The management structure shall be as follows:

  • Chairperson
  • Deputy-Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Deputy Secretary

The Chapter management shall be responsible for running the Chapter and organising regional conferences, seminars and workshop in consultation with the Board. The management will also be responsible for growing its membership.


No formal structure is required however, we do recommend that a Network Champion is identified who coordinates the network on behalf of SAMEA. You may contact the SAMEA offices at [email protected] for further information.

Geographical spread & contact details of current SAMEA Chapter & Network Champions, CoP and TIGS convenors:

Communities of Practice (CoP)

BRIDGE runs two Communities of Practice which look at a range of topics with different focus areas in a shared context (i.e. school types) or specific topic (i.e. education). In March 2022, a new community of practice was established to promote evaluation's contribution to a just transition.

The Evaluation for Just Transition CoP meets virtually every 4 to 6 weeks. Currently, the Evaluation for Just Transition CoP is also facilitating the development and piloting of two new evaluation criteria on climate and ecosystems health and transformative equity. If interested in learning more, please email Jen Norins ([email protected]).

The Tech-enabled MERL CoP will be launched at the beginning of 2023. We envision the CoP as a space where MERL and development professionals can come together to explore the role technology plays in MERL. We hope to see professionals come together to share knowledge, learn, create a safe space to discuss hard tech topics, and support proactive responses to digital futures. Data Innovators will lead the CoP in collaboration with MERL Tech and other partners. In 2022, the team aims to convene a steering committee, engage with members on topics of interest and set out a clear plan for implementing the CoP in 2023.

Topical interest group (TIG)

TIGs are subgroups of SAMEA consisting of members with common interests. TIGs may be formed around methodologies such as Needs Assessment, around work contexts such as Government Evaluation, around salient concerns such as Feminist Issues, COVID Pandemic issues or around professional status such as Independent Consultants. SAMEA members may contact the secretariat if they are interested to start and coordinate a TIG, outlining briefly the purpose, interest and proposed timeframes and mediums for interactions for members of the TIG. The secretariat will assist in calling for interests to join the TIG on SAMEATalk. They will also assist by referencing the TIG on the SAMEA website, communicate upcoming meetings of the TIG on SAMEATalk and place outputs and products of the TIG on the SAMEA webpage.

To learn more about the terminology, click here

SAMEA's EE Topical Interest Group (TIG) is pleased to announce that it will be hosting regular webinars to explore a variety of topics relating to Emerging Evaluators. These sessions will be hosted by the EEs. The first session will be confirmed closer to the time. This webinar will be free and session recordings available for asynchronous participation. This first webinar, which is mainly focused on Revitalizing the EE TIG, will include conversations about the profile of EEs, how EEs first entered the evaluation ecosystem, discussions about typical difficulties encountered by EEs, and in addition we will have the opportunity to work together to find solutions. 

Simply send an email to the EE TIG Convenor, Khumo Pule on [email protected] requesting to join the EE TIG. It would be greatly beneficial if you were also registered with SAMEA/became a SAMEA member as well. To find out how you can become a SAMEA member, click here: