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Mutsa Chinyamakobvu: Deputy Chair

Mutsa image.jpg

I am interested in serving on the SAMEA Board. With a combined 11 years of experience in Data Analytics, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL), and Facilitation within the social development, government, philanthropic, digital, and academic sectors - I believe that I could contribute towards SAMEA’s mission to support, guide and strengthen MEL as an important instrument for sustainable development. I have had the pleasure to serve alongside the SAMEA team for the 8th Biennial conference in coordinating seventeen volunteers, and serving as the Strategic and Partnerships Lead on the Tech-Enabled MEL COP.

Both experiences have been a fulfilling and rewarding experience. What attracted me to SAMEA was the expansive efforts to share knowledge and best practices, as well as strengthen fellow practitioners through collaborative efforts. The field of MEL is often stumbled into, and the presence of an organisation committed to growing its reach by cultivating a vibrant community of practice was like “finding a treasure” in my MEL journey. Impact has become the most highly sought-after goal in our spheres of influence. As MEL practitioners, we are uniquely positioned to guide sustainable impact strategy across industries that identify with the need to attain a particular goal and have evidence that they did. Our vast hub of knowledge and networks from our varied expertise culminates into a rich source of evidence-based influence that can be harnessed into both a restorative and transformative instrument.

A focal area I intend to contribute to is “MERL Tech”, as technology enhances our capacity to optimise our processes and efficiency. Technology also gives us the tools to govern the sensitive access we are granted to data and to ensure responsible use thereof. As a mentor and educator, an additional area I look forward to contributing to is the Emerging Evaluators pathway. I believe that emerging evaluators, with the prior experience they bring, can be a pillar upon which the organisation's mission is driven forward within the MEL community. Leveraging cross-sectional employment, engagement and learning opportunities would enhance the learning that is fed back to SAMEA and the broader MEL Community.

I believe that the diverse nature of the SAMEA community, not only in culture but also in experience, is a well that has much to offer. I look forward to participating in convening various efforts towards collective and collaborative opportunities.