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Anniza de Wet: Operations Lead


I am the Chief Impact Officer (CIO) for Valcare a non-profit organisation in Paarl in the Western Cape. We connect and equip non-profits to have effective social impact in their communities. We do this through a number of support services including capacity building to empower and up-skill the 320 organisations part of the network. We also act as Social investment managers providing support to funders, corporates and philanthropists allocating, distributing and managing funds to credible non-profits.

I am passionate about my profession, I have the opportunity to work at an organization that shares my vision that effective Monitoring and evaluation practices are crucial in ensuring social efforts have an actual impact. South Africa faces numerous social, economic and environmental challenges. M&E allows non-profits to assess the impact their programmes and interventions are having, helping to determine if their efforts are making a positive difference in the lives of beneficiaries, changing communities and impacting the country.

Often these non-profits struggle to access evaluation practices that are affordable, practical and user-friendly, especially meaningful programme evaluation processes. The opportunity to serve on the SAMEA board will allow me to be part of a community that can influence the professionalisation of the industry but will also allow me to be a voice for the non-profit industry. SAMEA is a well-known credible and sophisticated network but I think there is opportunity for influencing M&E on a level that is accessible to a wider community, empowering even more organisations to practice effective M&E.