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The current SAMEA board members


A partnership between SAMEA and universities offering M&E programmes should be forged. This could potentially enable SAMEA to contribute towards widening the availability of M&E programmes offering to former previously disadvantaged universities.

Mr Mokgophana Ramasobana: Chair
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I have a strong conviction about the importance of M&E for our context. My major contribution therefore is my energy, an awareness of challenges and pain points, and an eye for solutions, innovations, and good practices.

Ms Cara Hartley: Deputy Chair

I will champion MERL Tech efforts to drive the adoption of rigorous M&E practices in the development sector. I will also identify gaps where there are no solutions available and mobilise resources to have the solutions developed to meet the needs of the members.

Mr Ayanda Mtanyana: Treasurer

My key contribution would be the advocacy of the role of M&E in all spheres( Private, Public and NGOs) as well as increase the membership and learning networks

Ms Desiree Jason
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In terms of my contribution, I have the M&E, management and Board experience and maturity to support the Board and at this stage of my career I am happy to support others to have prominent roles.

Prof Ian Goldman
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As a member of academia I will present focus on the importance of relevant research and capacity strengthening. As a prior member of the board, I will also be able to offer institutional memory to the existing board.

Prof Babette Rabie
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I would bring my varied knowledge, experience and skills to the SAMEA board, specifically: M&E at implementation, management and strategic levels in the NPO/education sector; mentorship and development of capacity-building initiatives; and a strong academic background.

Eleanor Hazell
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As an M&E specialist often referred to as an emerging evaluator (EE), I will put my efforts in intensifying the EE voice. I will strive to ensure that the views, experiences and challenges of EEs are put at the centre of the board’s agenda.

Kemedi Kgaphola
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My M&E research experience and skills will enable me to take forward SAMEA’s research and scholarship work and foster the practice of documenting and sharing learning among M&E stakeholders.

Tikwiza Silubonde
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I have experience and qualifications in strengthening M&E capacity in South African and the region. I also have experience in working with other Voluntary Organisations for Professional Evaluators.

Dr Takunda Chirau