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The current SAMEA board members

Matodzi Amisi 2.jpg

I would like to see SAMEA that supports growth of the sector in a way that supports diversity of contributors. With more Universities offering M&E courses, SAMEA needs to have some influence on curriculum of M&E practitioners and guiding the profession.

Ms Matodzi Amisi : Chair Person

I will use my time at SAMEA to support its efforts in building capacity amongst M&E practitioners,by creating an environment where members can access a range of training, mentoring and coaching interventions .

Ms Amanda Jitsing : Deputy Chair
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My major contribution to the SAMEA board lies in my depth of knowledge of evaluation in South Africa, my organisational skills, and my experience in developing evaluation capacity and knowledge management.

Ms Jamie Robertsen : Treasurer
Photo Aluwani.jpg

I believe I am in a strong position to contribute towards steering the evaluation community and all the stakeholders in the evaluation value chain towards a thinking which appreciates that development is complex and can therefore not be addressed linearly.

Ms Aluwani Mauda

I am really committed to strengthening evaluators in South Africa and hope to be involved in a portfolio where I can exercise my passion.

Ms Nozipho Ngwabi

My key contribution would be the advocacy of the role of M&E in all spheres( Private, Public and NGOs) as well as increase the membership and learning networks

Ms Desiree Jason

A partnership between SAMEA and universities offering M&E programmes should be forged. This could potentially enable SAMEA to contribute towards widening the availability of M&E programmes offering to former previously disadvantaged universities. In tandem, it might also avail opportunities to launch the student chapter across all universities, as well as increase a pipeline of student cohorts.

Mr Mokgophana Ramasobana

I will champion MERL Tech efforts to drive the adoption of rigorous M&E practices in the development sector. I will also identify gaps where there are no solutions available and mobilise resources to have the solutions developed to meet the needs of the members.

Mr Ayanda Mtanyana

I think my greatest value-add to the association would be my agility and my work ethic. I have a keen interest in the work of the association and I am happy to learn on the job

Ms Fatima Mathivha
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I have a strong conviction about the importance of M&E for our context. My major contribution therefore is my energy, an awareness of challenges and pain points, and an eye for solutions, innovations, and good practices.

Ms Cara Hartley