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Blog: Progress Update


Benita Williams

Posted 1 month ago

At the launch of the EduCOVID TIG on 13 May 2020, the group decided that a bi-weekly meeting via zoom would be desirable. Some other ideas about how the TIG could work were exchanged.

A volunteer convening committee actioned some of the ideas

  • An invitation was extended to anyone who would like to join the small TIG convening committee – To make decisions, give guidance, create content, and make magic happen! You can still volunteer - email [email protected]
  • The committee is pursuing links with BRIDGE Innovation in Education Organization, NASCEE and the African Evidence Network.
  • Some #EduCOVIDtig twitter chats were started on topics that may be of interest to TIG members.
  • This blog was added to the SAMEA website to provide a space for capturing occasional updates.
  • Work is progressing to establish an EduCOVID list serve that integrates with the SAMEA website, but is also open to non-members.
  • A survey is underway to determine which data collection efforts are currently planned on specifically school readiness for reopening – Results to be shared soon.
  • A survey was developed to allow the TIG to develop a database of skilled volunteers that may support TIG work – This will be released soon.
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