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Blog: Launch: Evaluation Hackathon- 27 August to 1 October 2020

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Benita Williams

Posted 3 years ago

Schools are back, and slowly the support projects implemented by NGOs and other partners are getting back on track. Except, everything is different. Now, evaluators need to take into account a range of COVID-19 related contextual variables when evaluating initiatives in schools. Come and join the EduCOVID TIG Evaluation Hackathon, where we will develop joint indicators and tools to answer common evaluation questions.

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3 years ago Benita Williams commented :

In the hackathon, evaluators will craft some indicators and tools to answer common questions that educators, donors, implementers and the government has about the effect of COVID-19 in schools. 


To vote for, and submit, a question that the hackathon should include, please log in here with code: 726988441

(This is a general brainstorm, the questions will be consolidated and cleaned up a bit), 

To sign up as a team leader, hack participant, or peer reviewer, complete this survey by 
2020 08 28